Bach Flower Remedies were developed by Dr. Edward Bach (pronounced Batch), a Harley Street GP, in the 1930s, when he realised that many  of the problems that his patients were suffering from had their roots in emotional rather than physical issues.

Through trial and error he created what is now an established homeopathic approach that works gently to bring negative emotions back into balance, helping clients to feel much more positive about life and to move on from upsetting episodes.

The remedies are safe and easy to use, in line with his initial aim that they remain a complete self-help approach. They have no side effects or contra-indications with other medication and are suitable for any age group, from babies to the elderly. They are also effective for animals which can be a great help around Bonfire Night or times of change.

I have found that the remedies can be very helpful for children and vulnerable adults, gently bringing troubling emotions back into balance and helping them to make sense of what is going on around them. This can be particularly helpful during the troubling times of adolescence when everything can seem huge and impossible to sort, emotions change almost without warning and friends, who are normally supportive, are struggling themselves. 

There are 38 different remedies representing the different negative states of mind identified by Dr. Bach, for example; there are remedies for confidence issues, life changes, fear and anxiety, shyness, constant worrying, feeling guilty... and also the Rescue Remedy; a combination that helps to calm the nerves at times of panic such as job interviews and trips to the dentist.


The Consultation Process


The remedies were designed to be a self-help approach and, in line with that, I work with clients to create an individualised selection based on what they need at that time. It is common for clients to initially want to select all 38 but with the limit being 6 per bottle, we work together to establish which ones are most needed.

When working with children, I have a set of helpful cards, created by a Bach Practitioner in Belgium, which can guide them when making their selection by presenting the likely behaviours behind our emotions in a way that is familiar to them.

The remedies are generally taken orally four times a day, either straight on to the tongue or in a drink. It is not possible to overdose on them but taking them at the suggested dosage means that the bottle should last three to four weeks.


*Please be aware that the remedies are preserved using alcohol. This is not however in sufficient quantities to be a concern unless alcohol needs to be avoided for religion or lifestyle reasons.


For further information on the Bach Flower Remedies or to find out more about Dr. Bach, please visit the Bach Foundation website, established to promote his original thinking and way of producing the remedies:




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