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I have struggled with anxiety and depression for over 10 years and more recently an addiction to prescription sleeping medication. Unable to access anything via mental health services except a very short course of CBT I had pretty much resigned myself to a life of struggling. Although anti depressants certainly helped and still do, I felt frustrated that I was unable to get back to a my ‘old self’. I worried also that I was only just about managing to cope with what was a very difficult set of family circumstances.
Then a CAMHS therapist recommended a therapy I’d never heard of ‘Parks Inner Child Therapy’. I did some research on the internet and discovered that this was a therapy that didn’t require endless talking, something I really felt I’d done to the death over the past few years. To be quite honest I was happy to try anything by this stage but nevertheless did retain a certain amount of scepticism. It did all seem perhaps a little too good to be true. How was it possible to recover through a therapy that was essentially ‘painless’? This went against all I’d learnt over the years through my interactions with mental health professionals. In fact I’d been told on numerous occasions that I wasn’t ‘stable or strong enough’ for therapy given that I’d been led to believe that pain and suffering were a
‘necessary part of the recovery process’. But then I met Nicky and we began our weekly two hourly sessions. 10 months on and my progress has truly been astonishing. I believe that whereas before I’d been given ‘coping strategies’ and many ideas on how I ‘should be feeling’ now I felt as if an ‘internal wound’ had been healed. I felt as if I’d finally discovered the ‘real me’. I had a renewed sense of myself, a new found confidence and inner strength. It wasn’t just me that noticed these changes but also my GP with whom I’d been lucky enough to receive weekly support during my most difficult periods. I now feel that I have the strength to deal with the ups and downs of life and no longer need to resort to my previous dysfunctional coping strategies. Parks Inner Child Therapy has given me my
life back and an inner peace I’d always thought was unobtainable.



I have always had weight problems, and have tried numerous unsuccessful attempts at dieting, but always put it back on, if, indeed, I lost much in the first place.

I approached Nicky ...... about solving this problem once and for all – although I have to admit I was pretty sceptical about the whole thing.

I duly visited her, we discussed at length the reasons for my weight problem and over eating and then she talked (I didn’t feel like I had been hypnotised, but I suppose that is just about what it is).

After this I felt really relaxed and she gave me a recording to listen to at home.

Amazingly I suddenly found this willpower I hadn’t had before, helped by a better understanding of why I used to overeat and ways to prevent this.......

The outcome is that I am just over 3 stone lighter, and still hope to lose a bit more. It is more like a lifestyle change though, not a diet, so the weight should not go back on again......

Nicky has been really supportive....... she has been easy to contact if I need any more support.

I now have a much better understanding of why I had weight problems, and how to deal with this, and am able to keep my eating under control.


I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone else with similar problems.



I contacted Nicky on the recommendation of a friend when I decided to seek help for a long standing phobia and a more recent fear of flying.

I was anxious about what might happen but this was fully allayed by Nicky’s open and warm approach.

She provided a totally safe space within which, with her support and encouragement, my fears were able to be articulated and explored. Her approach was completely personalised and evolved from session to session in response to my needs. I was offered strategies to use and practise at home with the additional and welcome back up of being able to phone Nicky should I need to.

My sessions with Nicky involved some tears as well as laughter and her holistic approach was incredibly helpful to me.

I now feel so much more positive about my own ability to cope with my fears and indeed when I flew recently felt less anxious than I have in the past.

I can recommend Nicky wholeheartedly.




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