Person-Centred Counselling is a therapeutic approach which was developed by Carl Rogers, an American psychologist, in the 1950s. He felt that the client is always the expert on themselves and therefore needs to be at the heart of the therapeutic process instead of being told what to do by a well meaning professional. This means that the sessions are ‘client led’ rather than determined by the therapist.

He believed that everyone has their own resources to draw upon when given the right conditions to do so. Those conditions are met by the creation of a calm and non-judgemental therapeutic space where clients can be encouraged to explore their own issues while the therapist ‘walks’ alongside them offering empathy and reflection. In time, this will help them to untangle all that is going on and to see the next step that they need to take. It is not the job of a therapist to instruct a client how best to live their life but rather to facilitate them in finding their own path.

Through helping clients to discover their own inner resources they are empowered to do so again when future events occur in their lives which they may find challenging.

Counselling can be long or short term in nature; determined by each client and their needs. It is suitable for a wide range of issues.

Sessions are normally held on a weekly basis although this is not suitable for everyone for reasons of time or finances. Weekly sessions are however generally considered best, if deep rooted issues are being worked through, to ensure that the client feels well supported throughout this process.

All counselling sessions are carried out in line with BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) guidelines which are available on request.






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